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Welcome to the Victory Christian Church!

Welcome to the Victory Christian Church!

Victory Christian Church is a place where each person can hear the Gospel, accept Jesus Christ as his Saviour and learn how to build relationships with God and other people keeping the peace inside and fulfilling the calling on the Earth.  

Victory Christian Church is a place for the whole family where any person is learning how to make his life and build good relations with other people by taking over God’s principles. Every person in our church has the chance to develop himself, to grow spiritually, enjoy active and fruitful pastime. Our church is open for everyone.

Henry Madava is the founder and the Senior Pastor of Victory Christian Churches as well the founder of Christ for All Cities Ministries.

Henry Madava was born in Zimbabwe. After coming to the USSR and graduating from Kyiv Institute of Civil Aviation Engineers he founded Victory Christian Church in 1992.

Henry Madava’s mission is to help the person to find salvation through Jesus Christ and take full advantage of productive life in the society. Pastor Henry is working in God's vineyard teaching and preaching the Truth in Ukraine and all around the world. Consistent and explicit teaching of the Word of God makes his preaching easily understood by everyone.

Pastor Henry is a well-known preacher and speaker at many conferences. He has preached the Word of God in more than 46 countries.

Being one of the leading Christian leaders in Ukraine Henry Madava has a thirst of seeing awakening in Ukraine and all over the world.

Many churches have already been founded in Ukraine and abroad.

As an Evangelist, pastor Henry is annually organizing Jesus Festivals. Those are healing evangelical campaigns where God performs miracles: heals people from serious illnesses, makes them free and restores broken relations. Jesus Festivals take place in South, Southeast Asia, in the countries of Europe and Africa. Thousands of people come to hear the preaching and get the answers for the questions they have, to find salvation and be healed.

Pastor Henry and his family (wife and three children) live in Kyiv.

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The Victory Church office is located at the following address:
16 Malynska Str., Kyiv 03142, Ukraine

Phone: +380 44 501 69 34, +380 44 501 69 35 (fax)
E-mail: office

Mailing Address:
PO Box 53, Kyiv-01, Ukraine, 01001

Victory Church services are held at the following address:
16 Malynska Str., Kyiv 03142, Ukraine

Service Times:
Sunday – 12:00 PM
Wednesday – 6:30 PM

Victory Christian Church is a place for the whole family

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