The 3d day of the conference. Pastor Henry Madava: "Appear wherever God wants to see you - and His power will manifest in you!”

It was a ministry full of fire and the power of the Holy Spirit! If you want to relive it again or, if you could not join the service, you have a chance to buy the CDs.  
In the beginning, pastor Henry reminded how important it is to respect someone else's calling, even if it is incomprehensible to you, as it affects many aspects of society's life. God called every Christian for something great, but, as a rule, people realize this step by step, not understanding that at first. This is done for our sake: "for while we are still little children spiritually, we would not get into trouble."
On many examples, pastor Henry showed that God does not call only heroes with exceptional power and strength to do great deeds; in most cases, people whom He trusts His work, are cowardly, weak and unconfident. How do they become heroes? 
When this "material" gets into the hands of the Holy Spirit, they become majestic men and wives of God", - that is the only way! Such people have the ability to multiply a lot!
We would like to share some revelations from the sermon.
"Since the beginning of our walk with God, the power of God in us is not a lake, but a river! And it tries to get out of us and help someone, and our task is to agree to release it."
"The Holy Spirit is the Partner, the main character in our ministry. The main one is not me, but the Holy Spirit! "
"You are baptized with the Holy Spirit – that means you have received the power! The power of God is in you! It is able to meet any challenge and win! "
"Expand your field of action!"
"You do not know that you can kill Goliath, if you run away from him all the time! Appear wherever God wants to see you, and His power in you will manifest! "
"The power of God loves action! It loves challenges; loves to be where your calling is! Here God will be with you – but you must always be in move. "
"A parked car will never go anywhere. The saddest thing for God is the church, which stands in the parking position.  The power of God, which is in us, is not for parking! "
"Many people limit themselves by sensations. And the power of God manifests itself independently of our senses. "
"When the power of God comes - all the dead come to life!"
"God is great! But for everyone God is the size of his expectations and faith. The size of what we see. Let's discard the narrow view and remove the borders!"
At the end of the meeting, Pastor Henry prayed for the pastors and leaders that the fire of the Holy Spirit and His power come upon them and then the pastors were  passing  this fire and the power to all who were in the hall.
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