Victory Christian Church English School – your step to the new heights!

Our language school started as a small group in 2009 and grew to the full-fledged school by 2013 preparing the students of beginner to advanced levels. The curriculum is based on the teaching materials by leading British publishing houses like Oxford Publishing, Longman Pearson, Cambridge University Press.

The lessons are held by experienced teachers in a friendly atmosphere where everyone is able to unlock his/her talents for foreign languages.

The classes take place twice a week September through May. At the end of the school year students pass final exams and get the certificate of the corresponding level.

As an extra practice within the English School we have regular speaking clubs with natives (once a week). The clubs are open to everyone who is willing to improve his/her speaking skills.

The key goal of the school is to prepare the English speaking ministers for different areas. Each student can define him/herself where he/she plans to apply his knowledge further. The possible variants could be (still not limited to):

  • International call centre for Christ for All Cities Ministry;

  • Missionaries for ministering and opening new churches in Europe, Middle east, Asia and North Africa;

  • Ministers who want to become a part of the missionary team during Christ for All Cities crusades with pastor Henry Madava

  • Personal development and growth

Our school is open to everyone interested. School enrolment is done through qualification tests and interview with the students. Admission is open each year through August.

For more details, you can drop a line to englishschoolvc or ask in person at the informational desk in the church.

Also, we’re glad to share what students think of our school:

Julia Didenko:

I’m pleasantly surprised by the effectiveness and results I see after studying at this English School. I’ve overcome my language barrier after attending speaking clubs with natives, though at the beginning of the year I could not even make a sentence or say a phrase.

Before my enrolment to Victory Church English School I had been studying in two different commercial schools not missing any single class. Still I hadn’t seen so high results and such teachers’ commitment to students’ success.

Thanks to our teachers for this desire to impart this knowledge and expertise to us, thanks for their angelic patience, thanks God for this opportunity to study at such a high level and such an affordable price.   

Anastasia Vansovich:

For me English School at our church is a unique opportunity. Speaking English easily was my dream but I had strong language barrier. This year I had a goal to improve my English speaking skills with the help of this particular school. Perfect selection of teachers, convenient schedule of classes, speaking practice during each class – and great results in 9 months! I see good progress and know that I am able to show higher results both at work and in the ministry I serve.

Irina Aprelskaya:

Victory Christian Church English School is a unique opportunity to study foreign language in a friendly atmosphere with great teachers and interesting practical tasks. In addition to a solid educational program there is a vivid God’s facilitation in this process. He helps everyone in his/her desire to study and go all the way without giving up. For me personally studying at this school helped to better understand English, improve my speaking skills and enlarge my vocabulary.

I plan to continue improving my English even further!


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