School of discipleship

Then Jesus said to those Jews who believed Him, "If you abide in My word, you are My disciples indeed. And you shall know the truth, and the truth shall make you free." (John 8:31-32)

The purpose of the school is to fulfil the desire and the commandment of Jesus that every person who believed in Him and received salvation would become His follower and disciple. This school provides an opportunity to recognize the character of Christ and to become like Him receiving freedom.

The school of discipleship lays foundation for proper spiritual growth; it helps to acquire the skills of abiding in the Word and having fellowship with the Lord as well as to reach the maturity for being able to diligently search for the mission in God and His will.

One of the main purposes of the school is to exert deep influence on the hearts of students and to bring them to deeper relationship with the Lord.

The teachers of the school make every effort to encourage students to search for God by themselves and to live the meaningful spiritual life. However, this is impossible to achieve without the student’s personal effort. Therefore, to study efficiently, each student should realise that and take responsibility to attend classes, to do homework, to be prepared for tests, and to perform any other necessary actions.

The school welcomes the active position of students in relation to studying of materials. This means that students may ask questions, participate in the discussion of topics, and receive additional out-of-class advices and prayer support from the teachers even after the end of their studying.

Topics of the course (syllabus)

• What does it mean to be a disciple of Christ and how can you become him?

• Dedication to Jesus Christ.

• Responsibility of a disciple.

• The price of discipleship.

• What do we believe in (Christian doctrines)?

• Who are we in Jesus Christ?

• The church and the responsibility of the disciple in relation to the church of God.

• Evangelism: theoretical and practical parts.

The school has been functioning since September 2006. Students receive the certificate upon the completion of their studying at the school on the basis of written tests.

Classes at the school of discipleship are held in two groups

• First group – Sundays from 9:15 AM till 11:00 AM

• Second group – Sundays from 2:30 PM till 4:00 PM

at the following address: 16 Malynska Str., Kyiv.

The course duration is 3 months.

Studying in the school of discipleship is free of charge.


When I came to the school of discipleship, the fire of God started to burn in my heart. I’ve got a desire to come into ministry and to follow the Lord. I began to attend the prayer service in our region and the hope group. I began to serve in the Planet of Children Ministry. Then God’s blessings came into my life! I was looking for an apartment, and God blessed me with such a living place as I wanted.  God also blessed me supernaturally in many other spheres of life. The school of discipleship provides a good foundation.

Irina Prokopchuk

I thank the Lord that He allowed me to become His true disciple. When I came to this school, I became more confident in myself and felt the freedom that God had given me. Only here I realized that Jesus offered Himself as a sacrifice and went to the cross for me PERSONALLY. He opened my spiritual eyes and ears in the school of discipleship. In the school I learned to hear and see what had been closed for me before. I learned to forgive offences, to love my enemies, to bless those who abuse me and to pray for them. And most important, I learned to pray and I’ve got a desire to communicate with the Lord on the constant basis. I learned to trust in God more, rely and lean on Him. The school of discipleship is God’s case of secrets and truths which He reveals through the mentors.

Liudmila Rogovaya

I felt the presence of the Holy Spirit on every lesson. I got answers on all the questions that I had asked God just in one-two days. I realized what is the true repentance and I could bring the truth to my family. My friend and my sister repented. I learned how to resist the devil's attacks with power. There is the result of prayers at my work: reconciliation with the staff and healings.

Natalia Pyshnekha

At the school I got new knowledge and answers to my questions that I asked myself after my repentance. I thank the school for its ability to open eyes, for its willingness to help and to support. The break during the session allows the information to be assimilated better and the relationship with other students of the school to become closer.

Bogdan Sokol

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