Lawyers` Ministry

More than nine years ago lawyers of the Victory church joined together for fellowship, both spiritual and professional, and also for the purpose of providing legal assistance to church members, legal backing for the Victory church and to represent Christian lawyers in the society.

The purpose of the Lawyers` Ministry is to bring the Good News about salvation through Jesus Christ to other lawyers that we come in contact with during our professional engagement.

Also our lawyers conduct seminars for legal and physical persons on the most relevant topics of interest and attendees receive answers regarding issues they face in their everyday life and professional occupation.

We participate in various church activities, including Christian fairs where in specific locations we provide legal support for the visitors free of charge.

In addition, rights and freedoms of religious organizations are often require legal remedy. It relates to the issues of the church buildings construction, including allocation of land plots for such buildings and also issues connected to conducting public events by the church, opening of resocialization centers etc. We provide whatever legal assistance required in these areas.

We believe that at present time, when everything develops really quickly, especially at the national level, the church activity to be performed in accordance with the law. In these days the grace reigns in the area of the religious freedom in Ukraine, but there are many countries, where the issue of the religious organizations activity is much tougher legislatively and much more controlled by the government institutions. Consequently we consider, that this time is to be used most productively, so that Christian values become known to all sections of the society.

Meetings of the Lawyers` Ministry are conducted at the location of Victory church. We invite all those who have relation to legal activity in one way or another for fellowship and sharing best practices and also we`ll be happy to see students of the law faculties to join our team!

We look forward to seeing you every Sunday from 13:30 to 14:30 in the church building.


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The Victory Church office is located at the following address:
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