New Hope Groups Launch Outreach Ministry

Goals of the ministry

  • To build a large and strong team of ministers to spread the Gospel in Kyiv city by opening new hope groups in every residential building.

  • To conduct the training of ministers with the purpose of improving their spiritual and professional level for better service to people.

  • To upgrade the creativity level in methods and strategies of the outreach with ongoing study of best international practices of the outreach.

  • To facilitate for the new converted people their search of their «own» hope group and/or ministry after joining our church.

  • To create in the ministry the atmosphere of miracles for manifestation of the glory of God.


The ministry started after the School of the Outreach was conducted in the church by Pastor Henry in 2001. After the graduation the teams were established to practice the outreach in Kyiv on Saturdays. It was really interesting! After the outreaches we had become more zealous and cheerful. We were saturated with God`s love towards people and with aspiration to help everybody, seeing with our own eyes the miracles that God performs through us and also in us during the preaching of the Gospel to other people.

Many members of the ministry team began to travel to other cities and countries to participate in Jesus Festivals there and returned back home filled with the yearning to do everything in power so that dwellers of Kyiv and Ukraine could get to know Jesus Christ. We want to see on the streets of Kyiv the miracles that God have performed through the Victory church in other cities.

With this end in view we began the school of the outreach to raise and to train people and to serve more in the teamwork with other ministries with the purpose of preaching the Gospel. We conduct outreaches by the screening the movies in the movie theaters, through the charitable tent services – mini-fairs, concert programs with participation of the praise and worship groups or talented and gifted people from the church.

With the lapse of time the new vision has come – to open the Hope Groups in every residential building. The new task was assigned that lies in the fact that is not only to harvest, but also to learn how to keep the harvest, so that in every Hope Group of the every residential building, any person of any age and status could find their solution in God.
We have improved and developed to be multiplied and to reach the whole city. Many outreach teams have worked in the city simultaneously. On Saturdays in all 10 regions of Kyiv outreach teams of the whole church preached to reach masses of people and to bring them to church...

Our current goal is to reach people and to allocate them into Hope Groups or church ministries and to bring them to the church to our general services so that people could experience the presence of God and to enter into the church life.


On Thursdays all our team gathers for a leaders` meeting.

On Fridays we visit at homes those who received Jesus in their hearts.

On Sundays we conduct morning outreach.

Please join our friendly team!


Galyna Lysovska

The Leader of the New Hope Groups Launch Outreach Ministry


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