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Can a deaf person hear the Gospel?

Both no and yes. We’re the representatives of Jesus Christ on the Earth so we can use everything God gave us: a deaf person "hears" with a heart, and the Gospel can be delivered to him with the use of gestures and body language, because love has no limits!

The Sign Language Ministry is functioning in the Victory church to study the sign language for the purpose of serving to deaf people were one can learn to become a sign language interpreter.

The purpose of the ministry is to preach the Gospel to deaf people.

God has placed a desire in pastor Henry’s and ministry leader’s hearts to give an opportunity to deaf people to hear the Word of God. In 2009 the first group of interpreters started their training.

Today the team of Sign Language Ministry has many interpreters as well as deaf people. Every Sunday, when deaf people are present at the service the sign language interpretation is provided for them.

At the last three church conferences we had praise and worship with the use of gestures and body language and at the last conference on-line sign language interpretation was provided. Recently at our conference we had a partial healing of the deaf person - he began to hear sounds of the drums and claps.

In 2013 the ministry team took part in "Ukraine without drugs" bike ride in Kyiv. In 2015 a deaf person graduated the first year of the Bible school and now serves in the church in TV ministry and Sign Language Ministry.

Today all video-lessons of the first year of the Bible school are available with a sign language interpretation for those who want to become a student.

We organize trips for training of those ministers from branch churches who want to become sign language interpreters, we’ve had already such students from Kherson and Kremenchug. At the Jesus Festival in Chernihiv in 2014 all services had a sign language interpretation and a deaf woman was partially healed at one of them.

A ministry to deaf children is being developed. Meetings are held together with The Planet of Children Ministry, Impulse theater club and step show-ballet Narnia. The fellowship with children takes place during the celebration of Easter and Christmas in the church and at club meetings. In May 2016 we had a trip with the Easter program to the boarding school #18. Children from the boarding school #9 were invited to the church for the Easter program.

Our meetings are held:

- Every Sunday at 10:00 at the church services. Seats for interpretation are booked near the right screen (marked with signs);

- After the 1st service at 14:30 the team meeting is held in the church office for prayer;

- Small group meeting is held on Tuesdays at 19:00.

Can deaf people hear the Gospel?

Yes! It is happens when the one who preaches the Word of God and carries the love of God to deaf people speaks their own language – the sign language.

Please join the sign language interpreters team!

To get more information please call Natalia (093) 426-22-72 or please call to the church office.

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