Spiritual Freedom and Counseling Ministry

The rise of the ministry dates back to the "Let's go around the World" conference which took place in April 2008, Victory Christian Church with participation of Carlos Annacondia.

A few days before the conference, his son Jose Maria Annacondia came to the church. He asked to gather a team of 50 people to teach the basic principles of the deliverance ministry during Carlos Annacondia”s sermon and prayer. Сhurch leadership staff gladly responded to this call. During one week, Jose Maria was giving intensive teaching and prayer. 

The conference was a success, and the leadership staff of the Church got the anointing for deliverance of people from all kinds of addictions.

After some time, Pastor Henry started a ministry called "Spiritual Freedom and Counseling".  25 people agreed to participate in this new ministry.

The two-month school where they studied the best practices of famous ministers who had success in the subject of deliverance (like Lester Sumrall, Derek Prince, Norvel Hayes, Neil Anderson, Peter Horrobin and others) was held in early 2009.

There were special questionnaires created to hold the ministry of deliverance from generic curses and unforgiveness, from occult practices, sexual sin and other mental, physical and spiritual filthiness. As well, there were prepared the examples of repentance prayer, renunciation prayer and the prayer of deliverance from spiritual filth. One of the key topics covered were the issues of ethical norm of seal of confession, mercy and compassion for the people tormented by spiritual attacks.

It was obligatory to hold the ministry of deliverance by two people minimum.

Over time, some ministers left, still the new ministers called by God appeared to serve in this tough mission. For the moment there are 15 faithful and spiritually strong people who are serving.

In December 2014, "Christian, set yourself free!" school was open on the basis of the ministry. This is a 4-month school. The main topics contain teachings about deliverance from all kinds of curses, the importance of positive thinking, proper confession and other questions helping to lead a victorious life in Christ.


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