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Victory Church hospital service was created in 2004 to help the sick and the medical staff in the hospitals of Kyiv. Through this ministry we are reaching sick people (who are on ambulant treatment) with the Word of God, His love, strength, wisdom and mercy. We see how the hope is being revived in the life of those who have been hopeless before. We try to make sure that after our prayers people feel peace and behold that God loves them and wants them to be healthy.

Our ministry is made up of people who have a heart open to serving those who are on ambulant treatment and who need the healing of their body and soal as well as the key thing – salvation and reconciliation with God.

And God reveals His miracles!

  • In one of the hospitals we prayed for the healing of the homeless with tuberculosis. A week later we prayed for him again, also gave him the New Testament, brought him clothes, fruit juices. After a while he came to our church and started attending it regularly. Next he underwent medical tests, made an X-ray and the result turned out to be excellent: the lungs were healthy!

Today he is healthy, has a job, got married and is very grateful to God for healing and restoration.

  • In the other hospital there was a young woman in a ward. The water was collecting inside her body and she was diagnosed with liver cirrhosis. The doctors advised the woman’s parents to take her back home from the hospital so that she could spend her last days at home. But she wanted to live, to raise her two young sons...

We prayed for her, gave her the New Testament and asked to read it. A week later, we came to the same ward, prayed again for this lady. She looked much better.

After a while she came to the church and said that ultrasound findings showed that her liver was healthy.

  • Here is another wonderful story. A young woman went to bed; her husband was on the night shift. In the morning, when he returned back home, he saw that his wife was bleeding. He called the emergency ambulance. His wife was taken to the gynecology department, intensive care unit due to serious blood loss. Her hemoglobin fell to 46 units. Doctors told the husband that typically human brain dies with such level of hemoglobin and even in case his wife survives, she will be mentally disabled, handicapped person.

This is what we were told by the neighbor of the family. This neighbor was begging us to help somehow, because the family had two children of preschool age. We wanted to go to the hospital but we were not allowed to enter the intensive care unit. We prayed for this young woman, asked God to supernaturally intervene into this situation and help her to recover. We asked as well that the hemoglobin would rise to the normal level and that there would not be any negative consequences after such a blood loss.

It was Tuesday, and already on Saturday the young woman went to the lobby to meet her husband - God heard our prayers and healed her! God can do anything! Praise God!

  • In the evening, in one of the hospital wards, where there were six women of different ages, we were telling about Jesus, about God's love to them, were telling that Jesus is our Savior, our Healer. We called patients to repentance and all of them accepted Jesus Christ. Then we gave them a prayer of repentance and prayed individually for each woman. Some of them were sitting, others were laying as it was late at night already. Then we said goodbye and left.

The following week we went back to the same ward. Some women had already checked out, some new ones arrived. But one old lady (the same we visited a week before) met us at the door and was super happy and kept saying: "Look, I can walk! Look, I am walking! "

I hadn’t paid any special attention to this before the old lady told us that doctors concluded she wouldn’t be walking anymore. Several times a day she was reading the prayer of repentance, which we gave her and she believed that Jesus is her savior and her healer. And started walking again!

The doctors were very satisfied with the results of the treatment, but the old lady told that she knew exactly Who had healed her. She decided to rewrite the prayer and to give it to her daughter and granddaughter, so that they could accept Jesus Christ as well. Praise God for all the miracles He does!

  • A young man had an accident and lost his sight by 95%. After the prayer, a week later he told me that some hard objects and pieces of broken glass came out of his eyes and… The surgery was canceled. Doctors were surprised. They could not imagine that such things can happen.

  • A young lady had an accident. She had her arms and legs broken, her head was injured and as a result she lost her memory. She called mom as dad and vice versa. Our ministers were praying for her. In a week she recalled everything, her memory was back! The doctors said that it happens only once per hundred cases!

Thank God for these and many other healings that God is doing today by the prayers of believers!

Be healthy, happy, praise God for everything!

Leader of the hospital ministry,

Nataliya Koretskaya


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