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For many years Native Home Ministry has been functioning at Victory Christian Church. Its main target is homeless people.
Frankly speaking, in our society many people disdain such people. But we are Christians and we know that all people are created in the image and likeness of God. Everyone of us is in the heart of our Heavenly Father. His compassion is particularly available to those, whom society considers outcasts.
That is why we go out to minister to the homeless every week.
First of all, we preach the Word of God to them, so that everyone can know the love of God and receive salvation and healing; discovering that there is always an exit in God. And, of course, we care about those people by feeding them, distributing clothes and shoes.
From my own experience, I can say that the homeless are divided into two categories: stray sheeps who turned out on the street because of their own offences or life circumstances; and those who are just attracted by the ‘romance of street life’.
Our goal is to find those who are lost, but want to return to a normal lifestyle. Such people we send to a rehabilitation center and help them to restore lost documents.
Many people who have gone through rehabilitation center we meet in the church.  They are healed, restored and finally have freedom in many areas. Already many of our graduates are having jobs and able to rent accommodation.
Homeless is not the only category of people to whom we minister. Sometimes, a person has a house but he drinks a lot. As a result, he or she rarely comes home. Once, a man came to us. It was obvious that he was dying because of vodka. We prayed for him and he has not been drinking more than three years; his life has changed completely.
When you see results of that kind, it is easy to ignore some inconvenience like a smell and appearance of our visitors to whom we minister. Cause each of them is the precious soul for the Lord!
We know that with God each person can have a fresh start to live his/her life again. All it takes is just a desire and willingness to accept God's helping hand that is stretching out towards us!

The leader of Native Home Ministry Vitaliy Sorokin

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