Sprout Ministry

The main goal of the ministry

  1. Enable mothers and fathers with babies (from 6 months to 5 years old) to attend each service and listen sermons.  

  2. Give a great opportunity to little kids stay and grow in God's house from the early age.

We have designed and specially equipped several rooms for children of different ages.


Crumb Room

Here we have the youngest visitors of Sprout Ministry. Babies from 6 months old up to 1 year old.

In this room kids can stay with their mothers or ministers. They…

  • play

  • feed

  • change baby’s clothes  

  • lay baby to sleep


Kiddy Room

Here we have children starting from one year old up to two and a half years old.

In this room kids are staying with the ministers who make sure that they are being taken care of and never get sad.

  • We will sing a song together praising the Lord,  

  • play

  • make something interesting with our hands

  • eat delicious goodies.


Sweetheart Room

Here we have the most "adult" kids of our ministry.

They are from two and a half to five years old.

And here is everything on the schedule!

At 11:00am together with the ministers we praise the Lord

At 12:00 we have a puppet show and a prayer

At 12.30 kindness lessons, outdoor games,

At 1:00pm we make a handcraft

and at 1:30pm we have a delicious brake time and watching cartoons  


Sprout Ministry invites little friends to participate in the Christmas shows, birthday parties and picnics.


We try to teach our kids to love the Lord and trust Him in such an early age.

Also, kids learn how to pray for themselves, for their moms, dads, and friends.

Our ministers always stand in prayer for each baby and family.


Our ministers

This is a specially trained team of people with good, open, and loving hearts.

They are like gardeners who grow small sprouts with love.

After all, in taking care of them, the main thing is not to hurt. But on the contrary, to be patient, gentle, and tender.




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