Came home ministry

Dodomu (came home) ministry started at Victory Christian church in April 2012. It is uniting the ones whose hearts are deeply concerned by the pain of orphans, children deprived of parental care, and those who faced difficult straits together with their parents. Such people usually stay unnoticed or are loath by the society.

Dodomu (came home) ministry directs all its efforts to return to normal life the children who have been thrown overboard by the society.  Dodomu ministry team goal is to change life reference points of such children.

All the children make our future. If we lose these children today, we will not have a full-fledged and healthy nation tomorrow.

Every child is a bottomless reservoir of God’s potential, unique gifts and talents. The ministry strives to fill the children's hearts with love, to give a chance to grow, to dream and to learn.

Children need to see a different world where they have the possibility to feel themselves desirable and relevant. We need to take them out of usual environment of violence, cruelty, egocentrism, self-destruction and show them another life prepared for them by the Lord.


For more information about Dodomu projects, as well as for latest news and reports please visit the website:

Came home ministry Came home ministry Came home ministry


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