Pastor Tommy Barnett: “Let’s be the people that pray!” The 8th of December 2017/ 19.00

On Friday evening, during Champions of the Kingdom conference, pastor Tommy Barnett was talking about the power of God that is in every Christian, about awakening and prayer. He chose one historical event that took place in the beginning of 20th century and known as the “Revival in Wales” in order to illustrate his message. That revival included a massive repentant, turning to Christian values and an increase of a prayer life. Wales’ revival led to a spiritual rebirth of millions of people in many countries of the world. All of that was possible because of intensive and sacrificial prayer of certain people that sought God with all their hearts, repented and wanted to see their land changed by the God’s power. 
Pastor Tommy Barnett emphasized that prayer is the only power that can stop the enemy and because of the prayer, the greatest churches were raised. He advised to follow 4 simple things daily: pray one hour a day, fast once a week, lead people to God and give tithe to church. These 4 simple things made miracles in our church. Try to do it one month and you’ll see the amazing things that God will do in your life, your church, your country!” - Tommy Barnett inspired.
In the end of service, preacher called people to pray: «When conditions in your country get worse but there is a group of people who want to see real change and they desire to pray to God, this means that country is ready for revival. Why not to be the people that pray. If the revival is a result of prayer then we have to pray. Pray for Ukraine. Cry out to God for your nation. Let the revival start here at this place! People answered to this call and started standing up, coming to the front and rising their voices in prayer to God. Everyone wanted to be that kind of person, whom God could use for His Kingdom. 
Summering up the service, The pastor of the Victory Christian Church Henry Madava inspired pastors and leaders to organize a service of non-stop prayer in their churches: «We want to see the revival and an increase at all levels: in our cities, families, homes. Many issues will start to resolve faster and more efficiently. Do not waste your time. Use it for a prayer. 

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