The opening of the Champions of the Kingdom conference. Doctor Richard Moore. You are called to talk about Christ!

Long awaited time - evening, 7th of December, gala opening of the Champions of the Kingdom conference! Many pastors, leaders and everyone desirous arrived to the conference not only from Victory Christian churches but also from others. 
The feeling of amazing God’s presence filled the hearts of believers from the very first minute of worship and remained till the end of the service. Singers, musicians and dancers with the help of their talents helped people to open themselves up for God and His constructive work in every heart. 
Richard Moor was a speaker that evening. A preacher, who has been carrying the fire of awakening all around the world for 20 years. “God is calling us to transform nations and for that He gave us the power of the Holy Spirit.,” started the preacher his anointed message for the church.” Do you know that the book of Acts is not finished yet? We live in the time of acts now!  The facts from this book give us an understanding of how we need to live nowadays. We are a church of Jesus Christ and we have to be filled with the power of the Holy Spirit to burn with desire towards God, care about lost souls” R.Moor continued. 
If the person loves someone he tries to please the object of his love. If the person likes doing something, he’ll do it with joy. The same happens with the relationships with God. Jesus wants us to love Him with all of our hearts. He has to be number one in every sphere of our life. If you are burning for Jesus then you will fulfill His commission - Go and tell others about Him. You are called to share the Word of God with others! But God will not be able to use you if you’re doing nothing. The Word peached is the power.” “ God is with you! There is nothing to fear! God, whom we serve is almighty and glorious. He loves you and He gave His life for you! God gave us the Holy Spirit. He’s waiting until you rise up and go to fulfill His calling on your life.” – inspired Richard Moor.
At the end of the service, doctor Richard Moor invited people to repent their sins and later prayed for everyone present. The Holy Spirit touched, healed and changed people’s lives forever. 
It was only the beginning. We had 3 days more to go!

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