Saturday 9.12.17. Pastor Tommy Barnett "You can do more!"

The evening service began with a powerful praise, dancing and loud rejoicing of a multitude of people who had united by one purpose—to glorify and exalt the Lord Jesus Christ. The moment when the voices of all the people who were gathered in the hall joined together in the song of praise without any music cannot be conveyed or described by words! This was something special, a splendor and power, and let this praise continue on earth as in Heaven! The presence of Great God is here and now. The loud rejoicing of the excited audience could even drown the sounds of musical instruments and singing vocalists. 
The hearts of people were open to receiving the message that God had prepared for His people on that day.
Pastor Henry Madava introduced pastor Tommy Barnett, who was speaking that evening. The anointing in the life of this minister works in a special way to build the Kingdom of God on earth.
Pastor Tommy’s message was "are you ready to be a miracle in the hands of God and go where He will send you?"
There are two opposite aspects of the work of the Holy Spirit in the life of the church and the believer:
● You can rely on Him, but He is unpredictable.
● He always challenges you, but He is good.
God wants to use you in the ministry at the maximum level because only He knows the potential that is in you. The task of every believer is to surrender and submit to His good will. All that we have, possess and strive for belongs to God. Our children belong to Him, our wives and husbands are His. We need to understand that on this earth we are only disposers! The key points supporting this conclusion are
☆ God’s presence can leave us to teach us something;
☆ God reminds us Who is our source;
☆ Sometimes we need to get to the edge. To have faith as Daniel had, you need to stay in the moat with lions. To be like Shadrach, Meshach and Abednego, you need to go into a burning furnace and stay alive!
Pastor Tommy told the people an interesting story about how he had started his church, which difficulties he had met, how God had accompanied him on this way, which miracles and signs God had done, how He had taught him to rejoice in everything and all the time. Very valuable and strong testimonies move him in this life. "Life on the edge" for God's sake!
God tells you "You can do more!"
Tommy Barnett called to come to the stage those people who not only wish to live by dreams and walk by visions but who wish to act, create, and be efficient. Many people came out and pastor asked God in a prayer to resurrect dreams, callings, aspirations, goals and to give a plan and a strategy!
It was a perfect conclusion of the third day of the conference!

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